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Written by April W Sullivan
on October 27, 2020

What is the secret ingredient to creating a loyal customer base? Is it competitive pricing? A good product? An appealing website? Those are important factors, sure, but they aren’t the determining factor. Today, it’s all about the customer experience, and if you’re an executive or a CEO, maybe you think your CX game is pretty good.

But an increasingly competitive marketplace, ‘pretty good’ isn’t nearly enough. You’ve got to strive to excel in order to maintain an edge over your competitors and maintain and grow your customer base. Investing in customer experience can become the boost your business needs to go from “good” to “great”. 

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

The Adobe's 2020 Digital Trends report states that businesses and marketers are investing more in CX than in social media, video marketing, and content marketing. That’s because many company executives already know that CX-centric businesses earn significantly more than companies that do not invest in customer experience.

And while there are several things you can do jumpstart your CX without too much effort or expenditure (improving your customer service and consumer engagement, for example), crafting a complete CX strategy takes time. Developing good CX also relies upon you understanding your customer base. Follow these guidelines, and your customer base, your revenue, and your organization will grow.

CX Strategy Guidelines

Understand Your Customer — Nearly 90% of consumers are willing to pay a company more if they receive excellent CX.

Listen to the Customer — Feedback from your customer base is critical to learning how best to improve your marketing and grow into a more successful organization.

Make Things Easier for the Customer — Consumers today want information fast. They want to be able to shop quickly. They want to be able to speak with customer service quickly. Making things easier for the customer reduces the risk of a customer getting frustrated and going to a competitor.

Improve Your Customer Support — As customer support is quite often the main interaction between the customer and your business, it is important that support staff are able to provide satisfactory help in a friendly and professional manner.

Take Advantage of Technology — Today’s ever-advancing technology enables you to improve upon the customer experience more than ever before.

Provide a Seamless Customer Journey — Keep your brand consistent throughout the customer journey so that the buyer doesn’t get confused.

Get Personal — Personalization is a key component of really fine-tuning and improving your CX efforts.

It's important to remember that your CX strategy's implementation is just as important as the strategy itself. Leveraging powerful tech - like automated but personalized chatbots that greet your customers 24/7 and help them get to the answers they're looking for quickly, like support documents, recycling information, or your latest products - is a great way to streamline how your company handles customer experience. Best of all, implementing on your website or app is easier than you'd think.

When CX is Part of the Company Culture, Your Business Will Grow

All departments and management levels need to be focused on CX, not just support staff. It shouldn’t be difficult for any one employee to contribute their own thoughts and ideas as to how to improve CX — after all, they are all customers too. Include them in your mission to provide great CX, and they’ll help your company grow as you achieve your goals.Line and bar graphs depicting growth on a piece of white paper

How to Measure CX

Measuring CX can be difficult for the uninitiated, but a professional CX audit can give you tremendous insight into how you are doing, and what parts of your CX strategy might need to be improved. A CX audit can also prepare you better to meet new challenges and changing trends.

Monitoring customer feedback can also provide you with important information that you can act on quickly. And by measuring various KPIs related to your industry, you’ll be able to better determine customer perception of your brand at different points along the buyer journey.

Chatbot agent scheduling an appointmentCX isn’t just about growing revenue; it’s also about growing your business and successfully achieving your goals. Investing in CX will help you do both while surpassing the competition and meeting and exceeding consumer expectations. If you're wondering if all of this is too complex or expensive, the good news is that it's not. Schedule a short demo at a convenient time for you and see how you can quickly implement a more robust CX strategy in your business.

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