Our Guide to Hiring a Consultant

Our marketing team here at TABLE recently utilized our platform of amazing Experts and hired a content marketing specialist. We had a great first meeting a few weeks ago and have been working with her weekly ever since.

While we were able to successfully find and hire an Expert, we thought it would be helpful to share our experience and provide some tips for those of you who are looking to hire an outside consultant.

1) What’s Your Problem?!

You may have more issues than Vogue, but that’s okay! Just make sure you understand the problems or areas you need help with. Make a note of things you are struggling with or some goals you want to achieve. That way, you can better articulate your problems with your consultant and ensure you’re on the same page about the results you want to see.

2) Stalk Some Experts

Okay, not literally. But it’s good to do some in-depth research on your potential consultants.

You need to find an Expert that is a good match for you and your company. While it isn’t necessarily a full time position, you want to find someone with the right cultural fit and background so everyone works well together. Do some research and find some consultants who have worked with similar companies in your industry and on similar projects. We chose to work with our Expert because she had experience leading content marketing for two very successful startups. Of course their price should also fit your budget and they should offer the kind of services you’re looking for.

3) Write Sh*t Down

Whether your meeting is over the phone, video chat, or in person, make sure to take notes! When we began our first call, we didn’t take notes initially and almost missed out on capturing some important information. We found it was best to take quick (and often sloppy) notes during the meeting. Once we finished the call, we would then edit our notes to make them more coherent. After this step, we were then able to create a clear Plan of Action and a To Do list.

4) Treat it Like a First Date

If you had a good first meeting, follow up just like you would after a nice date. A follow-up email can include a thank you, some notes from your conversation, and any additional questions you may have. Even if it didn’t go so well, don’t ghost them! Make sure to at least send them a thank you for their time.

Will there be a second date? If the first one went well, you’re most likely going to want to schedule a second meeting. Use this next meeting to talk about all the progress you’re making regarding their suggestions and the results you’ve seen. You’ll probably also have more questions for them at this point.

Hiring consultants is often vital for your company’s success. The process can be a little daunting, especially if it’s your first time, but following these tips will help you get the most out of meeting with your consultant.

Thanks for reading and we hope this helped! If you’re looking for a consultant, feel free to check out our Experts and give TABLE a whirl!