How Important is Your Network?

Have you ever received a Linkedin request from a complete stranger?

Most people have at least once, if not on a regular basis. While there are mixed reviews on whether connecting with strangers is a good practice, it shows how easy it is to expand your professional network in this day and age.

So why might you accept that random stranger on LinkedIn? As cheesy as it sounds, your net worth really is only as good as your network. A new survey shows that about 85% of jobs are filled via networking of some kind. Nowadays, most people are hired because of who they know, and less for what they’ve done.

While networking certainly helps you land jobs, a strong network can boost your entire business. A study conducted just last year shows that active networking has a positive correlation with business success, including improving profitability, revenue growth, and innovation. Having a network that you can tap into for support can be critical to building a lucrative company.

It’s clear that networks are valuable for job searches, advice, and the success of your business. Harvard Business Review states the best time to build this network, though, is before you need something. Reaching out and doing small favors for those in your network can be a valuable way to keep your network active and growing. People are also more likely to help you out in the future when you need it.

Networks have always been important, and now we have just about everyone at our fingertips. With the birth of the internet and social media, networking has become more accessible. This ease means we can maintain valuable connections by staying in contact with people, doing a random favor, and maybe even connecting with someone you don’t know.

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