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Written by April W Sullivan
on December 01, 2020

Mission statements are a standard component of many businesses, offering a concise description of the brand’s defining purpose. Today, companies are also working hard to craft a corporate statement that focuses primarily on the customer rather than the business itself. The CX mission statement is essential because it serves as a fundamental guide for how a brand will deliver a positive and memorable experience to each customer. 

Without such guidance, CX goals can be inconsistent and ultimately fail to succeed. Consider the following statistics, and you’ll quickly realize why creating your own CX mission statement isn’t just essential but a vital necessity to ensure future success.

Companies focused on customer experience outperform companies that are not by nearly 80%.

Two-thirds of companies compete on customer experience rather than product and price, a significant increase over the last decade.

The above two statistics showcase how customer experience has become a driving factor for consumers. And because so many marketers and brands also realize that CX can mean the difference between keeping and gaining customers or losing them to competitors, a CX mission statement that clearly outlines a role for every employee in an organization can mean the difference between providing outstanding CX or poor customer service that drives customers away.

Developing an actionable outline for a company to follow is not a difficult task but does take considerable time and thought. Follow these guidelines and learn from the examples of brand success stories, and you’ll be able to craft a CX mission statement that not only delivers on customer expectations but also goes beyond, solidifying your foothold in the marketplace and serving to maintain an edge over your competitors.

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Ask the Important Questions

When first developing your CX mission statement, you must ask yourself two important questions:

If you were the customer, what is it that you want and expect?

What can we offer all the time to every customer that isn’t about the product or services?

Based on those two questions, you can easily surmise that simply providing a great product or service isn’t enough. As further verification, consider the following statistics:

  • 73% of consumers say a good experience directly influences their brand loyalty.
  • 96% of customers say customer service is vital in influencing their brand loyalty.
  • Consumers will pay 17% more for a product or service from a company that provides outstanding customer service.

Now consider the mission statement from Southwest Airlines, which focuses on customer service, as well as empowering employees to deliver excellent customer service. It’s a perfect example of how having a clearly defined CX mission statement for the brand enables them to provide consistent customer service and positive customer experiences at every organization level.

Another good example of a company striving to go beyond the service is Kelly Services, a staffing company that veered from the traditional one-size-fits-all staffing company operations and developed its own 360° solution that provides a better overall experience for both job seekers and employers.

And then there’s PUMA, who was overly ambitious in seeking to understand its customers in order to provide truly personalized custom recommendations based on an individual’s own particular needs. While a radical thought at the time, technology, such as chatbots, has made that vision a reality through automation that doesn't add burden to your support staff while also giving consumers what they want when they want it.

One thing all of the above customer experience success stories have in common is they were dedicated to discovering what the customer truly needed, and then they subsequently shifted their purpose to fulfill those customer needs adequately. Whether it's superior customer service or personalized recommendations, there is something that your customers want, and you need to figure out how you can provide it in a manner that is superior to the efforts of your competitors.

Women and Men Standing Near TableBe True to Your Brand

Your CX vision should be consistent with your brand values and goals. This will help you create a more seamless customer journey and better address your target market's needs and pain points. 

Always Research

Consumer habits and trends are always in a state of flux. Continue to conduct customer research and request a customer experience audit on occasion so that you can see what direction trends are heading in and adjust the customer journey map accordingly.

Empower Your Employees

Customer service is a very important component of CX, but all the effort shouldn’t rest solely on the shoulders of your customer services representatives. Seek input from others within the organization on what could be done to provide better CX. After all, they are all customers too. And when you involve others within the organization and encourage a CX-centric atmosphere, the entire company works as a more cohesive unit with a firm direction and mission goal.

Develop a Plan to Get Everyone On Board

Without a proper and efficient plan to spread your CX mission statement throughout the organization, the message may not adequately reach all employees. Develop a plan to get all employees thinking on the same level — to be customer-focused, provide solutions to customer problems in a professional, friendly, and courteous manner, and always express warmth and gratitude for a customer’s continued loyalty to the brand.

You can use videos, seminars, collateral materials, and promotional items to distribute the information and help employees to retain the vision firmly in mind.

It's worth noting that the above information showcases a rather simplified guide of how you should go about building your CX mission statement, and a tremendous amount of thought and process will be needed to develop and implement a corporate statement that is true to your brand. But as one last bit of inspiration and wisdom, consider the words included in IKEA’s vision statement: “to create a better everyday life for the many people.” Figure out how best to do that for your own customers, and marketers will soon be talking about your own success story.

Not sure where to start? Schedule a call with one of our team members and see how impactful the right technology solutions can be to your CX strategy.

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