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Written by Anya Pattinson
on January 12, 2021

Since most businesses across the world went virtual in 2020, Slack has become an essential part of staying in touch with everyone. What Slack provides is unique, and it can help your business in powerful ways. That's probably why the company was just purchased for $27.7 billion by Salesforce—and its valuation is only looking to grow. Let's take a look at how you can use Slack to help your company run better internally and improve the employee (and customer) experience.

Provide Every Employee a Login for Quick Communication

First and foremost, every employee at your company should have their own Slack login. That way, you can connect instantly without the delay that occurs with email. This makes it easier to send out important communications that might require an immediate response. And instead of clogging up your inbox with simple one-word replies, employees can just use the reactions feature to add a checkmark, "thank you" symbol, or another icon to show they understand the message. Faster and more efficient communication means better operations.

Collaborate Between Departments With Channels

Channels are another important tool you'll want to set up in Slack. They are public or private message groups where everyone involved in a particular project can contribute. When you create a channel, you can invite every relevant employee, regardless of their department. This makes it far easier to hash out ideas and share vital information between the support, sales, or management teams without bothering irrelevant parties.

In a channel, you can also add various attachments, including files, folders, videos and more. Just pin the most important documents to the channel itself to make them always accessible in a pinch.

Discuss Urgent Customer Issues

In a 2018 survey, 39 percent of U.S. customers would rank a customer service experience good if they dealt with a knowledgeable representative. And when you're using Slack to coordinate customer issues in the background, this can give your customer service representatives the tools they need to succeed.

While Slack might be best known for its instant messaging, it also comes with video calling and screen sharing capabilities. This can make it incredibly simple to discuss urgent customer issues with other team members. You can share images of the customer's problem and hash out what solution would work best for them with the rest of your team. That way, your Customer Experience (CX) representatives are always at the top of their game.

Group of people sitting around a modern office desk with laptops, discussingBrainstorm New Ideas

The most successful companies thrive on ideas from their employees, so use Slack to encourage that. Create a company-wide channel where employees can share their thoughts on what could work better. This channel can allow employees to have a direct line of communication with management and higher-ups, so they hear their ideas. You may even want to set a reminder once a week that notifies employees in Slack to submit their suggestions.

Of course, Slack is also great when you need to make a company-wide decision. You can use it to create polls or surveys to allow employees to vote on which plans they think are best. Do this by typing "/poll" or "/survey" into the chatbox.

Think About Your Customers, Too

The best part about using Slack is that it will also improve your CX. When your employees work like a well-oiled machine, consumers will receive their services faster and more efficiently. Like any tool, though, Slack is only the starting point and aims to solve communications internally. But what about communication with your customers? That's where TABLE steps in—a platform that unified all of your customer communications in one destination.

A slide with features provided by TABLENow, when a customer reaches out to you across multiple platforms, say an ad they saw on Instagram, your main webpage, or from a QR code they scanned, they'll be launched into the same conversation before with their full history. Our robust platform not only ensures the customer doesn't need to repeat themselves over and over again—thus reducing frustration and friction—but it also gives your team members their entire history, allowing them to see what was discussed before and go from there easily.

At TABLE, we're all about giving you the tools you need to deliver stellar experiences to your customers (and employees!), and unified chat is just the beginning. Try for yourself and chat with Zoe, our extraordinary chatbot, and see why she's so much more than a bot.   

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