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Written by Matt Crocker
on March 02, 2021

The most valuable asset in your business is your employees who make it all happen. Without them, there'd be no new line of code for your latest app update, happy customers, or your weekly TPS report. Investing time to create development opportunities for workers is vital, as it helps grow the business and leads to staff staying in a job for longer. And for you bottom-line decision-makers, learning experiences don't have to cost a lot of money either, as the ethos is all about creating a culture where people feel empowered to learn. Here's how to invest in your employees by empowering them to learn and develop in their workplace.

Focus on Culture

Having an open culture in an organization is vital, so people feel empowered to learn. It is essential that people feel comfortable saying they don't understand or don't know the answer to a question. It encourages learning and development and also embeds the concept that everyone has something to offer the team. Mistakes can provide learning opportunities for people and develop skills in self-awareness and resilience. Make sure you have a process in your company for reviewing errors, including how you deal with blame or issues with customer service and how the lessons from these events can benefit learning in the organization.

Create Learning Opportunities

Learning is much more than simply taking a few courses. One of the most significant things you can do as an employer is to create opportunities to develop and learn on the job. This gives an employee practical hands-on experience of work, opens up new opportunities to network, and prepares them for the next level in their career journey. It also enables the employee to have a portfolio of examples of work achievements. As a learning opportunity, you can include projects, secondments, teaching, reviewing customer experience, and much more.

TABLE chatbot design through drag-and-dropNot sure what may interest your employees? Enter chatbots! We often think of a chatbot as customer-facing, but there's no reason why you can't leverage them to gain better insight into your employees. Easily programable, a chatbot can be a great way to offer your employees a multitude of options with additional information regarding each selection, depending on the branch they've clicked on. Connect with our CX Advisors and see how chatbots can open up new possibilities for your customers and employees. 

Use Mentoring and Secondments

Mentors enable people to develop and grow through facilitation and support. Assigning mentors to employees is another way of empowering learning in the workplace and promotes an open discussion on development. Secondments are another way of providing a development opportunity for employees and empowering them to learn while in a different workspace.Two hands write on a blank notebook on a wooden desk surrounded by office supplies and a computer monitor in flat lay style

Embed Appraisals and Development Plans

Each employee needs a development plan aligned with corporate and personal objectives and an annual appraisal. It allows an employee to discuss their progress and development with the employer and enables set objectives to be monitored. Appraisals also open up opportunities for talented employees to be developed into senior posts. Remember, this is as much about you empowering them as it is them empowering your organization or company. The more the employee feels they're valued and a part of the company with attainable goals that give them a roadmap into the future, the more they'll put into everything they do.

Engage the Employees

One of the best ways to empower people in your organization is to get them to shape the workplace culture and development plan. It gives people a sense of belonging to a company, and the shared values will help embed the culture into the organization. When everyone contributes to a shared vision, they will not only learn how these strategies are created and underpin a business, but they will feel empowered to use those values in the workplace.

Get a Succession Plan in Place

Teams should not be reliant on one person, and a business needs to be resilient. Make sure you offer matrix working opportunities, CX, staff development, and have shared learning opportunities so that people gain new skills and step up to a new post when needed. It gives people the confidence they need to develop but strengthens your company should someone get sick or retire.

We glean learning opportunities from many places in the workplace, from projects to mentoring. By having a robust learning and development plan for your employees, they'll be empowered to flourish and learn in your company.

The shift towards being treated as individuals and not as a persona or entity is as much true for your customers as it is for your employees. Watch our full TABLEtalk for free and see how you can go all-digital without losing the warmth and connection of in-person experiences.

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