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Written by April W Sullivan
on October 20, 2020

Email is a tried-and-tested way to stay in touch. But is it time to move on? In this article, we'll explain how email can hurt your efforts to deliver an exceptional Customer Experience. We'll also share some better ways to meet the changing needs of your customers. The way we communicate is changing. But, then again, it always is. We've relied on email for 50 years. That's because there were many benefits. Conversation threads. Easier sharing of documents. A polite way to delay less-than-urgent matters.

But it's 2020. And, while email remains popular, it lacks the dynamic approach that Customer Experience needs. Why? Well, one tenet of CX is to provide customers with immediate answers. And email doesn't. So, while some businesses continue to use email, those who have transformed their bottom line have invested in Customer Experience. In fact, 84% of companies said they increased their revenue after launching a Customer Experience strategy.

How Are Customer Habits Changing?

Communication preferences have altered. And the rate of change has been swift. Today, customers are looking to communicate in a range of ways that work for them:

  • Real-time responses: Customers want answers to their queries at all times. Day or night. So, this 'always-on' expectation means your customer support services must be available 24/7. And, consider that customers are expecting you to reply to them in no more than 10 minutes.
  • More control: Since we all need to be more flexible to change, we also want more autonomy in our purchasing habits. To rate their Customer Experience as exceptional, 91% of people said they needed a greater sense of control over buying.
  • Increased phone use: Studies show most people use their phones to access the internet. And, since they're on their phones so much, they're also reading more emails on them.
  • Rising security concerns: In 2019, defrauded customers lost almost $60M from cybersecurity scams. Fraudulent, phishing, or spam messages are getting harder to spot. This is leaving customers with concerns about replying to anything suspicious.
  • Better collaboration: Gen-Z has greater rates of isolation than others. This means they need a broader range of ways to interact, connect, and collaborate with others.

4 Ways Email Is Damaging Your Customer Experience (CX)

Now that we know what customers want, here are some ways that email puts them off:

  1. It's slow: Customers want their questions answered straight away. If you can't answer them, you risk losing them to a competitor. Plus, that competitor will have a better customer experience management strategy. Think instead about deploying chatbots and Live Chat. Both channels give customers the real-time, on-demand responses they want.
  2. It reduces personalization: Customers can lose a sense of personalization with your brand. This can happen when they get passed between members of a support team. In place of this, offer video demonstrations, voice services, or even Group Chat. These are better ways for your customers to make connections and collaborate with others.
  3. It limits self-service: If your customer support channels can't answer a query, help your customers to serve themselves. This is where automated chatbots are ideal. Chatbots can be there to signpost customers to the information they need.
  4. It's a security risk: Since more employees are working off-site, company security is under greater threat. This is where a single, secure Customer Experience interface can work better. A single interface can protect your clients and your business. It encrypts data passed between you and your customers. It can also add a seamless delivery to your communications.

So, Is It Time to Move On?

For decades, email has helped us to reply to questions, keep customers updated, and share exciting news. But times have changed. And so have customer expectations.

Why not have a conversation with us to find out how TABLE can support you to make the right changes to your Customer Experience? TABLE provides cost-effective solutions that meet your customers where they are.

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