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Written by Anya Pattinson
on December 22, 2020

There are two important things you need to keep in mind as you head into the holiday season. The first is that customers have the most impactful interactions when they're in contact with your support team. And second, customer support today must be ever-focused on ensuring a positive Customer Experience (CX).

CX-focused brands are growing their audience and increasing their revenue, while those whose customer service efforts are lacking find themselves losing customers to their competitors. It’s imperative that brands that wish to succeed embrace new customer service developments that benefit both the customer and your business.

So what is this holy grail of customer service? Believe it or not, it’s chatbots. Skeptical? That’s probably because you’re thinking of the chatbots of years past that did little more than frustrate customers who had to go through endless prompts before reaching a live person.

Today’s chatbots are far more intuitive and advanced, often leading customers to think they're talking with a live support member. If you're looking to improve your customer service offerings and significantly improve your CX, chatbots are a great starting point.Chatbot options provided by TABLE

Benefits of Chatbots for CX and Your Business

It's best to think of chatbots as an additional team member who can work around the clock rather than a tool that will replace your support team. When positioned correctly, they can be a great companion, helping to alleviate the burden on your customer support staff during a busy holiday season.

Improve Response Time

Today’s consumers want information and assistance, and they want it now. The last thing they want is to be waiting for your support staff, and minutes spent in a queue can seem like a lifetime. A chatbot, on the other hand, is instantaneous. Making customers wait is the last thing you want—the longer they wait, the worse their experience is with your brand, and the more likely they are to consider someone else.

Chatbots can not only provide assistance 24/7 and help reduce the load on your support staff, but they can also be a great tool that connects consumers to product information, support documents, and yes, even a live agent, making them a critical component of your infrastructure. But offering support isn’t the only thing chatbots can do—they can also help you manage signing documents, making secure payments, and much more.

Intuitive chatbots can also cut down on unnecessary wait time by quickly gathering customer information so that customers or clients can be routed to the right team or department.

Improve the Customer Journey

TABLE chatbot customization screen

CX is all about the customer journey, and ensuring their experience at every point of contact with your brand is memorable. You don't want what could have been a positive experience to be hampered by long wait times or poor document discovery. Chatbots can help alleviate those pain points while seamlessly personifying your brand. For example, Zoe, our cheerful chatbot who greets you on our website, can be fully customized to your brand's colors, look and feel. See how else she can transform and, in the process, delight your customers in a free demo.

Personalize the Conversation

Video chat through a chatbotAdvanced programming enables chatbots like Zoe to instantly leverage customer information, making for a more personalized experience. If the request ultimately requires a customer service representative's touch, they'll start the conversation confidently with the collected information in hand, speeding up their response time and reducing friction. In fact, through the same chatbot interface, TABLE allows for audio and video chat as well as screen sharing, providing your team with an extensive pallet of tools to solve your customers' problems.

Chatbots Are Always Available

If you can’t keep support staff on call 24/7, don’t worry—chatbots are there! Consumer problems don’t always arise during regular business hours, but by offering support around the clock with chatbots, you can address customer concerns as they happen and lighten workloads for your support staff during their shifts.

Today's chatbots aren’t just a viable means of improving the customer experience— instead, they are a must in today’s marketplace. Capable of being implemented on your website or mobile app on iOS and Android, chatbots can serve as the perfect vehicle for a brand to delight customers and support them with robust and modern solutions. See for yourself! Connect with Zoe and experience how transformative she can be.

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