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Written by Matt Crocker
on March 16, 2021

Learning is a lifelong process. There's always something new to discover regardless of how long you have been in a job. Previously, we highlighted all the benefits of investing in your employees by furthering their education and training. So, where do you go once you've selected this as a course you'd like to follow?

There are lots of excellent resources online that are great for short bursts of learning. While some are free, others are paid and offer more extensive programs that can even earn your employee a certificate. But what they all have in common is being an excellent resource for your employees that will motivate and educate them for new challenges. After all, what's better than offering a path for your employees to grow and move up within your own company? Here are five top learning destinations for you to use.

LinkedIn Learning

Cost: Some parts are free—$30 per month premium

LinkedIn Learning, previously known as Lynda, is an excellent social media platform for professionals to network with others. Users can create a profile and connect to others for free. There are articles, networking opportunities, and job adverts available in the free section. By upgrading to a premium subscription, there's a whole different employee experience to see. You'll find online training videos and support with interview preparation. For anyone looking to develop their career or network, LinkedIn has a lot of resources.


Cost: Some parts are free—$7 a month for 12 months for Duolingo Plus

Learning a language is an excellent opportunity for employees. Duolingo is useful for business reasons and vacations. It exercises the brain cells. From Japanese to Spanish and Swahili, there are lots of choices of language to use. As employee education, it works well as people can start at different levels and advance. There is a free version that has limited access to learning resources. It still allows you to complete lessons at several levels. The Duolingo Plus option has unlimited access to resources.Young student with coffee to go using laptop in park

Harvard Extension

Cost: Variable—$1,000-3,000 for a course and up to $11,000 for a full degree

People dream of a Harvard education. For some, it remains just that. Harvard Extension offers online opportunities to study for a course while working. There's a wide range of programs with a few free courses as taster sessions. Programs like Harvard Extension are wonderful motivators for EX and employee learning.


Cost: Free to join with varied costs for degree programs

Coursera is a platform with an extensive number of courses and degree programs from across the world. As a resource for employee education, it has a lot to offer. Students can access free modules or build a degree with the courses. Coursera has a lot of interesting modules that will get people inspired about what to study.


Cost: $200 per course (check special offers on enrolment)

Udacity has a wide range of technical, business, and IT type courses on its platform suitable for employees. There are short and long courses with a wide range of subjects, all designed for flexible learning. Students can complete many of the courses around their work schedule via distance learning. The platform also has career development opportunities, such as becoming an instructor or mentor. Different levels of development will appeal to employees looking for a challenge.

Dec. eBook Book DesignAn improved Employee Experience (EX) always leads to an improved Customer Experience (CX), with one informing the other. It's cyclical in nature in the best way possible, therefore making it a must to put your employees first. In today’s competitive landscape, you need to have more than just a stellar product—you need to provide an experience they won’t forget, and an empowered will have all the tools they need to delight your customers at every step of the way. Read more in our free eBook about how you can create customers for life by reimagining everything through the lens of CX.


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