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Written by April W Sullivan
on October 07, 2020

While today's global retail growth has sunk to -5%, a trend that started long before the current pandemic forced many businesses to shutter their shops, the exact opposite is true for e-commerce. There, depending on the product or service category, order revenues are up 100% and, in some instances, even 200%! While those numbers look impressive on a chart, they don't paint the entire picture and the new challenges e-commerce businesses face with explosive growth, namely customer retention in a hyper-competitive landscape. Even under normal circumstances, for many businesses, without the right technology and toolsets, delivering an excellent customer experience proved to be a challenging task.

Digital Transformation Starts With a Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

Recent reports show consumer behaviors have changed:

  • 70% of consumers aren't comfortable leaving their homes as they did
  • 47% want to see businesses innovate but in ways that reflect their values
  • Around half have increased online buying using in-app and social media channels

With in-person experiences, traditional retailers could adapt their customer service strategies to match any changes in customers' general needs. So what can customer experience do that's better? In its simplest form, CX is about how you make people feel in every interaction they have. And because it's based on data, CX offers several advantages, including better clienteling.

By capturing data on each customer, CX makes interactions personal. It also enables you to nurture relationships and follow-up with customers at all times. By using a single interface, you can deliver a consistent customer experience across every interaction. While companies are using SaaS platforms to help meet their needs, by limiting the number of platforms your company uses, customers aren't being bounced around by different experiences and workflows becomes seamless and even surpass any in-store experience.

Photo by  Matilda Wormwood from  Pexels

Digitized Experiences Offer Higher-Quality Alternatives to in-Person

Live interactions

Since fewer people are visiting stores, individualized live chat, voice, and video are the perfect replacements. By adding screen sharing or sending media files, product demonstrations and presentations become more engaging and therefore more attractive.


Close to 80% of consumers say speed, convenience, knowledge, and friendliness are the most important aspects of customer experience. Because of this, you must respond to queries at all times. With 24/7 availability, chatbots can do this for you and then some! Chatbots are fast, friendly, and with TABLE's chat feature, they can even schedule a time for your client to talk to a representative.


Small or large, COVID-19 has affected us all in some shape or form. By adding thoughtful gestures such as personal, hand-written notes, or quick messages ahead of your product dispatches, you'll make customers feel more cared for. Changing how customers feel about service will ensure that you'll keep them loyal for longer - something that's beneficial to you and them.

Next Steps You Can Take

The ongoing pandemic has forever changed consumer buying habits, and your business must adapt to it. While a digital transformation is urgent, it has to start with putting customer experience at its center. We can help you do this at any time from anywhere. Book a free demo and see for yourself how TABLE can provide you with a CX solution that will have your customers singing your praises.

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