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Written by April W Sullivan
on December 15, 2020

Investing in Customer Experience (CX) is a primary objective of many businesses and brands, yet not all of them sufficiently allocate enough resources to reach their goals successfully. Often, it's because CX is only implemented at the customer service level and not throughout the entire organization.

Forward-thinking leaders and CEOs who strive to deliver outstanding CX from the top-down know firsthand the benefits of doing so—an empowered and motivated workforce and a growing, satisfied customer base.

Recent research has confirmed this, stating firmly that the CEO and leadership teams must buy into and fully support CX if it is to prevail. Think of it another way—CX cannot be an initiative given only to the marketing or customer service team. Instead, it must be a core component of the brand to reach optimum potential.

When you consider that CX-focused companies see an increase in employee engagement by 20% on average, it just makes sense to invest in CX not only for the benefit of the customer but for the benefit of the entire organization.

Another research points out that 64% of companies with a customer-focused CEO are often far more profitable than companies that lack organizational-level CX. That statistic alone should be enough to convince you that customer experience is more than just a buzzword or a tending marketing strategy—it’s how businesses today compete and survive.Male boss explaining strategy to diverse coworkers in conference room

Learning from the Negative

When faced with a negative review or response from customers, some companies only react enough to manage the situation instead of getting to the root cause. If viewed as an opportunity, you'll not only have the ability to ensure there are systems in place, so the problem is less likely to occur, but you'll also be able to surprise, delight, and regain that customer for life.

One such way is by identifying pain points for your customers and internal team members and leveraging tools that can empower them both. Not sure how to go about identifying potential bottlenecks? Talk for free with one of our CX Advisors, who will create a tailor-made strategy just for you. 

Like so many parts of your business, a CX strategy isn't something that is created, implemented, and left alone—it needs constant analysis and readjustment. Identifying weaknesses and taking steps to eliminate them will propel your brand forward in transformative ways.

For Inspiration and Guidance

Though the terminology of CX has been gaining traction, the idea of customer experience isn't new—in fact, it's been at the heart of companies created by icons such as Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos.

While these are clear examples of how to do CX right, it is also important to remember that improving CX is not an overnight accomplishment. It is a time-consuming that must be implemented at every level of your organization, starting with the CEO and the various leaders.

Customers using a chatbot to video chatIn today’s highly competitive marketplace, consumers consider the experience around a product as much as the product itself before making a purchasing decision. By leveraging robust tools that can field and direct questions, make appointments, and enable easy video chatting and screen sharing to resolve customer issues quickly, the chatbots of today are more than meets the eye. Experience Zoe, our resident chatbot, in action for yourself and see how she can empower your company at every step of the way—from discovery through advocacy. 

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